::::: = = = = = ::Samplitude Music Studio and Magnus Choir (Loading VST Instrument and Selecting Presets) Installation of VST plug-ins Install every VST instrument according to the manufacturer's instructions. VST instruments and VST effects are not entered into the Windows registry, but must be saved in a certain directory. Samplitude Music Studio searches for installed VST instruments in the "VST plug-ins" program subfolder. You can install your VST instruments either in this folder, or use any other path. If you already have VST plug-ins installed on your system, then use the existing folder. You will, however, have to enter this path in the system settings ("Y") in the "Effects > VST/DirectX/ReWire" subdialog (entering multiple paths is also possible). Simply enter one path after the other; all paths will be taken into consideration. Samplitude Music Studio 2008 will automatically find newly installed plug-ins contained within the selected folders. The first time the program is opened, a search for existing instruments and plug-ins is executed when the track settings are opened. Not only are all the plug-ins imported, but they are also checked for compatibility within the program. This search is only necessary once; the next time it is opened, the track settings will be loaded immediately. Tip: For problems with your current configuration, you can reset all paths and installed instruments or plug-ins. Load instruments These are managed in Samplitude Music Studio 2008 under "Track menu -> VST instrument editor". You can also assign an instrument to each track; the instrument is selected as a MIDI playback device. Selected instruments or their individual outputs are shown directly in the first VSTi plug-in/insert slot of the track box and mixer track and can also be muted (left click) and opened (right click) from there. Load an instrument by selecting a "New instrument" in the project window as a track output. This can happen at various points: Playback device menu (right click the "Mute" button -> MIDI -> New instrument) Plug-ins slot -> VSTi in the track editor "Insert effect slot of the mixer -> VSTi": You will only find this option in the top insert slot of the individual mixer channels. "Out" slot -> New instrument in the MIDI section of the track editor. "Out" slot -> MIDI -> New instrument in the audio section of the track editor full, free, download, no torrent, warez, crack, keygen, serial, MediaFire, HotFile, FileJungle, RapidShare, FileSonic, Wupload, FileServe, blogspot - -: : : -:      


MAGIX Samplitude Music Studio / Magnus Choir VSTi


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