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We are grateful to all of musicians, composers, producers and sound designers for placing their trust in us.

Artists & Bands. Music Composers. We are grateful to all of our customers for placing their trust in us. Featured Bands and musicians: Ant Glynne, Jerry Best, Ava Lemert, Giuseppe Silvestri's Musicphobia, Noise Farm Studio, Andreas Wimmer, Music Druid, JaeMez, Related Rhymes, Yula and Ganter, Teddy Riley Music Group, Benoit Lafrance, Olivia Margaret Ontko, Sybreed, Mike Dickson, Alain Mayrand, Stephen Rivera (Azureth), Chameleon Music, Paul Davis, Dave Phillips, Mucky Sailor, Derek Penagos, DJ Megagirl, Mykyndryd, Daniel Fumega, Christian Connett, Apocalypse Cow, Ekaterina (Jude), The Outsider Art UK, Shane Peterson, Dave Kemp, Jazz Vibes, BoJo Music, Sebas Leal, Jeremy Harding, The Panderers, Leendert Roossien, Daniel Laiseca. Syntheway products are used by known artists, composers, producers and musicians as well as music teachers and amateurs of all styles and genres in over 50 countries


Ant Glynne


Guitarist, Pianist, Composer & Producer  (US)

Ant Glynne has written, recorded, toured and worldwide performed with Rick Wakeman, Mike Oldfield, Asia, Slash, Leo Sayer, Cheetah, Maggie Bell/Midnight Flyer, Razar, Roger Chapman, Simon Philips (Toto), AC/DC and Bob Seger, Clive Burr and Nico McBrain (Iron Maiden), Taj Mahal, Albert Collins, Gary Moore, Simon Kirke and Mick Ralphs (Bad Company), Bob Skeat (Wishbone Ash), Mavis Staples (Staples Singers), Steve Howe, Carl Palmer, Mick Abrahams (Jethro Tull/Blodwin Pig), Nina Simone, Jason Bonham, Princess Stephanie, Maya, Kiki Dee, Angie Bowie, Kofi Baker, Chris Thompson (Manfred Mann), Bernie Marsden (Whitesnake), Tony Ashton, Judy Tzuke, Miller Anderson (Savoy Brown/John Lord) and other great musicians.






Jerry Best 

Bassist/Song Writer
(Lion -Doug Aldrich-, Freak of Nature, Ronnie James Dio)
Cover art & background information on CD releases, film releases, photos, interviews and reviews in the link below.





Andreas Wimmer


Film Score Composer and Musician. Final Chapter, Prima-Luce-Sounds Prj.

(Trier, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany)


Andreas co-founded "Final Chapter" a Symphonic Power Speed Metal band, in the year 1998. The WizardQueen (2004) album has featured guest vocalists as Tobias Sammet (Edguy, Avantasia) and Chitral "Chity" Somapala (Power Quest, Firewind). 


The new release Legions of the Sun continues the Symphonic Power Speed Metal heritage. In addition to Oliver and Ulrike, Stefan Ferrara (Mind Guard) performs lead vocals. Additional choir vocalists are Anne Gehlen (Nanny Goat), Barbara Barth, Kathrin Hoffmann and Chitral Somapala. On this CD, Andreas also plays RetroMagix Harpsichord.


Click here to hear the nice "Traditional Dance" theme, using Syntheway Harmodion in Accordion mode. 


Final Chapter band:

Final Chapter Facebook:

Prima-Luce-Sounds Project:

Legions of the Sun CD:








(Rome, Lazio, Italy)


The band was born in Rome in 2005, when the singer Michelangelo Lubrano meets the guitar-player Giuseppe Silvestri, and they both decide to leave their individual musical experimentations and to start a new project: “Musicphobia”. The artists that mainly inspired the band production are: Alice in Chains, David Bowie, Soundgarden, Shinedown, Extreme, Silverchair, Muse e Alter Bridge. Please take a look to its work in the links below:









Kevin Skinner


Film Score Composer and Musician

(Tunbridge Wells, London and South East United Kingdom)

Composer Kevin Skinner has dedicated his life to creating music that is visual and evocative of mood and emotion. Click here to hear Battle Of Balcombe, featuring Synthphonica Strings, Magnus Choir and Percussion Kit VST plugins.


My Space Music Druid:  

My Space Kevin Skinner:




Benoit Lafrance 

Advanced Sound Designer

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Benoit has composed the Soundtrack for Video Game "G-Raid" for DTI Software Inc., using Magnus Choir




Classical, Choral, Fantasy, Film Score, Blues, Celtic,  Jazz, World Fusion.
West Wales, United Kingdom

Ekaterina is a Celtic/Russian musician and composer from the UK. Working mainly in Celtic and Fantasy styles, her magical music takes listeners off on unique and emotional journeys. Welcome to the passionate world of Ekaterina.


The Outsider Art UK

Brixham, Devon, United Kingdom.
ElectroPop / Progressive / World Music
Shane Peterson has used the Magnus Choir in very nice tracks as NS3 Depths Of Hell, Stir of Echoes, Stalin and Triumph (outro in 5:24). Click here to hear their great music. 

Recently Shane have been collaborating with Australian vocalist Brad Edwards in Ephemerons

Demo Songs using Magnus Choir: NS3 - Depths Of Hell - Stir of Echoes - Triumph



Mr Raz0r

Bolton, United Kingdom.
'Breakin Beats & Bustin Shapes'
Take a look to BassApex SoundCloud channel to hear their awesome music. 

Here you can enjoy this Drum and Bass Orchestral tune with Synthphonica Strings, titled Always There




Gary Hendrickson

Porterville, California, United States.
Progressive Metal




Ye Banished Privateers

Umeå, Sweden.
Genre: Pirate Music
Ye Banished Privateers be inspired by bastardized irish folk, high sea shanties, Scandinavian ballads of the frosen north, plays and court protocols of the pirate era – everything poured into a cracked and homemade 17th century punk mold.... Website:



Ailin Chambers

Tiverton, Devon, United Kingdom.
As an illustrator and animator, Music has always been a strong influence in his life, what ever the genre. He grew up listening to a lot of classical music played on the stereo by his mum. With that and in a none direct way, she helped him to appreciate the art and the various sounds and instruments used, especially in orchestration.

Enjoy this song titled Never Give Up (The Last Knight Of Baloria) with an outro superb and epic using Magnus Choir...





Solo Venture

Inverness, Scotland, United Kingdom.
Electronica / Live Electronics / Pop
Solo Venture, namely Willie Oliphant, is a Solo Artist, who lives in the Highlands of Scotland. He started Solo Venture in 1985, performing around the Pubs and Clubs etc. within the Highland area.

Enjoy this sublime song by Willie, using Magnus Choir (Big Choral & Celestial Choir presets)








Rail Road Riders

Classical / Country / Electronica - Angera, Varese, Italy.
Bo started in Rail Road Riders (a boy-band) around 1973.






Mike Dickson

Experimental electronic music, ambient drones, Mellotron saturated, classical reworks, string orchestra, Tallis, Vaughan-Williams, Elgar, Bach...

Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Member of Systems Theory and independent musician specialising in electronic, experimetal, avant-garde and ambient music. Five albums so far - 'Six Consequences', 'Domus', 'Honfleur', 'In Excelsis' and 'mellotronworks'. Visit Mike's YouTube Channel: Spem In Alium (using Magnus Choir and Mellotron)
Codetalking theme from "Six Consequences" (using Organux and Magnus Choir)





Stockholm, Sweden.
Poolo aka Poolotronix aka Polo. Former member of demoscene group Byterapers inc. international with his first soundtracker mod releases going back to 1988 (on Amiga) Poolo was also a member of the demoscene group called MJAU as an Digital artdesigner and musician using the Soundtracker. (Later Noisetracker, Octamed and Madtracker, actual Renoise)....
Enjoy this nice instrumental with Magnus Choir titled
Legion Of Angels.






Dave Riggins

Richmond, Virginia, United States.
Alternative / New Age
Dave has always liked all genres of music, however New Age and Jazz music seems to shine through. Their Influences have been Maynard Ferguson, Steve Halpern, and Chuck Wild. Dave plays keyboards and guitar.
Listen this awesome piece using Magnus Choir called
"Our Beautiful Earth". This track is being released on a CD entitled The Earth Project.







Bucharest, Romania.
Daniel features cool 3D animations, graphics, special effects, 3D modeling, Web Design, Web Design, Advertising, Movies, Animation, 3D, dark art, horror art, monster factory, ads, flash, 3D animations, movies , graphics, cartoons.




Los Angeles, California, United States.
Rock, Alternative Metal, Alternative Rock, Industrial Rock.
A dark and alternative rock project that spans the spectrum, from the angry and aggressive, to the beautiful and brooding. Where music and meaning ride shotgun with the muses.

Originally hailing from Corpus Christi, life has taken Memnoir across this country and around this world... till one day, landing in the City of Lost Angels. A lifelong passion for music and a lifetime's stories of love, loss, and all the scars between evolved Memnoir's songs into the hungry and haunting pieces it will very soon become known for...

Enjoy these beautiful songs: "Confession" and "The One" from their first EP, where Tyger has used the Magnus Choir plugin.







Drummer & Video Game Music Remixer
Uppsala, Sweden.
Thomas is a Swedish university student that when not studying, he plays drums or can remix video game music, as this awesome track "Castlevania Portrait of Ruin: Victorian Fear" using the Magnus Choir.

YouTube Channel:




Michael Johnson

Harpist and Composer - Australia.
Harpist, Michael Johnson has been composing, recording and performing for over thirty years. He plays various instruments but is probably best known for his work on the harp. He has twelve CDs and DVDs to his name and his compositions are regularly aired on national radio and television. He has performed alongside an eclectic combination of artists such as TONY GOULD, IMOGEN MANINS, DAVID JONES, WILBER WILDE, JUDY JACQUES, KAVISHA MAZZELLA, VICTORIA STATE OPERA, DAVID HERSCHFELDER, THE MELBOURNE WELSH MALE CHOIR , JANE RUTTER, SUZANNE JOHNSTON, DONALD CANT... just to mention a few...




Devine Lie 

Barbados & Cape Town
Alternative Rock
Devine Lie were formed in 2004 and split their time mainly between Barbados and Cape Town. The main writer and musician is Nigel Nicholls. Melding a fusion of styles to create a nice interesting Alternative Rock, their music has matured during the course of their four CD Releases. 








Adelaide, South Australia
ElectroPop, Electronic, Pop.
Despite never having actually met in the ‘real world’, ephemerons Shane Peterson (music) and Brad Edwards (vocals) have discovered a shared musical vision that they consider is worthy of pursuing across international boundaries.
Since hooking up via a New Order / Joy Division fan forum in early 2011, Shane and Brad have been collaborating purely in cyberspace, producing an EP featuring original electronic-based demos.




Ava Lemert 

Singer, Songwriter, Saxophonist.
United States
A mutli-talented singer, songwriter, saxophonist and multi-instrumentalist. Ava has an incredible voice with a range and style that defies comparison or definition. She also has very different and equally expressive "voices" through her alto and tenor saxophones. Ava's saxophone sounds are at times soft, lyrical and romantic, at other times, powerful, funky and electric.






Hip Hop / Rap / Club Music
Member of Related Rhymes  (Boise, Portland, Hermiston, Tri-Cities, Washington - United States)
Watch Video Online: Related Rhymes (Big Fub & JaeMez) Right Now using Syntheway Strings VSTi
 (Music Video courtesy of Sworn In Records)

Rescue Records



Olivia Margaret Ontko

Classical Music. Composer 
Charleston SC USA





Electronic Music. 
Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
Michel Huygen, synthesist , creates Neuronium in 1976. He records in 1977 with Carlos Guirao and Albert Giménez the first album entitled QUASAR 2C361, also being the first disc of cosmic music ever recorded in Spain. His extensive discography also features CDs with other artists like Vangelis, Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze and Suzanne Ciani. 

Website 1:
Website 2:



Michael Anthony Lahue

New York, USA / Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Bossa Nova / Jazz / Melodramatic Popular Song
Born in New Jersey, Michael is a singer, pianist, violist, composer and lyricist now living in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He fell in love with Brazil during the 1996 Montreux Jazz Festival (Switzerland), while he was studying at the University of Music and Dramatic Art in Graz (Austria). Later, came his enchantment with Bossa Nova in the recordings of Astrud Gilberto as well as veneration for the music of Antonio Carlos Jobim. He was seduced by Brazilian Popular Music (MPB), a celebration of simplicity, subtlety and purity; the voice of the soul, as he himself defines it.




Apocalypse Cow

Recording Studio Chicago Area - Apocalypse Cow Productions
Apocalypse Cow, a Chicago area recording studio, home to producers The Brothers Brooks and Apocalypse Cow Productions' songwriting and music licensing team. Choose your own music adventure...
Read more





Teddy Riley Music Group

Grammy Award-winning Producer / Artist
For over 15 years, multi-platinum and Grammy Award winning producer and artist Teddy Riley has been turning out hits for artists such as Bobby Brown, Michael Jackson and his own group, Blackstreet. Teddy Riley also known to the world as “The King of New Jack Swing" has truly made a name for himself. 
Read more

Check out Teddy Riley's Project "ADIDA" The Band



Jeremy Harding

Engineer, Producer, Musician, DJ and Manager
Kingston, Jamaica

Jeremy Harding is an engineer, producer, musician, DJ and manager whose 2 Hard recording studio (and label of the same name) has a prominent hold on the music scene in his native Kingston, Jamaica. Perhaps best known as Sean Paul’s manager, Harding initially made a name for himself as a producer, behind such hits as Beenie Man’s “Sim Simma (Who Am I),” Mad Cobra’s “Pet & Pamper,” along with Sean Paul’s “Infiltrate” and “Baby Girl” to name a few.

Jeremy Harding on     Jeremy Harding on Discogs



Death-Wave Metal

Formed in 2003 in Geneva, Switzerland by guitar player Drop and singer Benjamin, Sybreed was created as an apocalyptic sound machine,
reflecting their mutual taste for extreme metal and industrial music.

My Space



Gunther Kowski: "Yula and Ganter"

 Alternative / Jazz
 Berlin, Germany / Wilson , WY, USA
 They are brother and sister creating nice music via Internet and living on  different  continents (Berlin, Germany and Wilson , WY, USA). Click here  to listen  their beautiful compositions.

Yula and Ganter webpage:



Alain Mayrand

Film Score Composer and Musician
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Alain is a classically trained composer. His music has been heard in 18 films and in concerts all over North America and as far as Israel.




Larry Mayo

Orchestra Director
Georgia, United States
Larry is Pastor of Instrumental Music at  First Redeemer Church.




Bojo Music 

Bo's music is a mixture of jazz, progressive rock, world music and ambient. Click here to listen his tunes.




Augustin Bousfield

Bradford, United Kingdom

Musician / Composer / Producer

Music for Pictures, TV/Film Composer, Musician, Comedy Writer, Director and Producer.
Gus has played with Gurgles, Mucky Sailor, Henry Parker, Nope and many others as well as performing as Lord Adonis, and remixing as Tomorrows Dad.




Dave Kemp - Jazz Vibes

Jazz Vibraphone and Marimba / Drumes / Percussion

Queensland - Australia

Dave is an experienced professional musician both throughout Australia and abroad, having pursued further study beyond his Queensland Conservatorium percussion degree via being awarded a Professional Development Grant from Arts Queensland to travel to Boston in 2006 to study with some of the world’s leading keyboard percussionists at the Berklee College of Music in Boston USA.




Corentin de Syzygie

French composer and pianist.
Genres: Classical and baroque music piano, organ, harpsichord eccentric fashion.
Corentin started to study music theory at 7 years old. Ever since he was interested in classical music... After a decade in the interpretation, he decided to stop competition and piano lessons in order to devote himself to a more personal musical quest, focusing in particular the work of J.-S. Bach.




Stephen Rivera (Azureth)

Progressive Rock
AZURETH is built around a commitment to compositional excellence, expansive epic melodies, moving musical drama, with deeply poetic, philosophical, well crafted lyrics underpinning this solid musical foundation.


The Panderers

Minimalist / Rock / Neo-soul
The Panderers are: Scott Wynn, Pete McNeal (Cake) & Scrap (Mike Doughty's Band). Also heard on its albums are contributing musicians past or presently from The Wallflowers, Foo Fighters, Cake, Macy Gray and Mike Doughty's Band (former Soul Coughing frontman).




Chameleon Music 

From United Kingdom, Chameleon Music (by Mark Taylor) specializes in providing original music and sound design for a wide range of media.



Norm Lenhart

Topock, United States

Tecno / Trance / Electronica

Click here to enjoy this beautiful instrumental test track called Everdream from Norm, using the Magnus Choir VSTi plugin.




Paul Davis

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

Paul is a British software developer best known for his work on audio software for the Linux operating system, and for his role as one of the founding programmers at Amazon. He also is the primary author of Ardour, an excellent digital audio workstation for Linux.  You can use it to record, edit and mix multi-track audio. 

Our gratitude to Paul, who have contributed with their help on Linux compatibility specifications for Syntheway Plug-ins.




Dave Phillips 

Linux Journal, Contributing Editor
Professional musician, author, journalist, teacher.
Open Source project(s) :
Ardour, AVSynthesis, Csound, Processing, Kdenlive, Mplayer, Common Music, Jack, many other F/OSS audio/MIDI projects.

A Special Thanks to Dave, who have featured Syntheway Magnus Choir running with FST

Commercial Sound And Music Software For Linux, Part 1
Commercial Sound And Music Software For Linux, Part 2



Leendert Roossien

Composer & Lyricist  -  Netherlands




Derek Penagos  

Hometown: Greenacres, FL
Specialization: Ambient, digital keyboard, Down-tempo, Easy Listening, Electronica, Instrumental, Keyboard, New Wave, Piano, synthesizer.





DJ Megagirl  

Also well known as Widia. She is a dandy Dutch-Hindustani lady, who is born and raised in the Netherlands. Not only a dj, but also a great performer who likes to interact with the people Music Styles You can say dj Megagirl is a club dj.






Michael Round

(Modern Composers)

United Kingdom.

(New Age / Ambient / Modern Musician).

Beautiful and rich soundscapes crafted for meditation and relaxation. Take a journey inwards and outwards.

Journey Of The Magi theme uses Magnus Choir in outro


CD Baby "Other Worlds"



Sebas Leal

Músico, Compositor y Vocalista

(Canción popular melodramática / Pop / Latina). 

Para Sebas, cantar es emoción pura porque le permite relacionarse profundamente con su público. Cuando compone, su universo interior se libera y se exterioriza a partir de sus melodías...





Christian Connett  

Film Score Composer and Musician

Christian Connett has become a transcending and eclectic composer and producer over the last decade working in many styles and genres. Before defining himself as a composer, he was a professional musician having the honor and privilege of performing with some great musicians and artists over the years. Those artists include Thor and Damon Moreno, The Rekinau Brothers, Newspeak, Vivid, and more.




Producers Edge Magazine  

Producers Edge Magazine is simply a tool to assist in the fleshing out of your creative inspirations. They are attempting to provide you with a musical road map to guide you on the journey from beatmaker to full fledged producer.

"Music production is the relationship between the creativity of the artist
and the craftsmanship he is able to employ through the mastery of his tools." Drew Spence (CEO/Editor In Chief)




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