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XT Software energyXT and Syntheway VST Plugins


Setting up Syntheway VST plugins in energyXT

  • In order to use VST instruments and effects, you will first need to tell energyXT where to search for plugins. To do this choose "File" > "Setup"

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energyXT: Setting up Sytheway VST plugins

  • The setup dialog box will appear. Click on the "Browser" tab, then click on the arrows to locate the Plugins section.

energyXT: Setting up Sytheway VST plugins


Locating the VST plugins folder

  • Click the "Add" button. This will open a dialog box where you can select a folder. On Windows, VST plugins usually reside under C:\Program Files\VstPlugins or C:\Program Files\Steinberg\VstPlugins.

  • When you have located the folder, click OK, then exit the Setup dialog.

Adding VST instruments

  • There are several ways of adding VST instruments to your XT project. One method is to drag the VST instrument from the browser into the track list. This will automatically create a new track with the instrument you selected.

energyXT: Setting up Sytheway VST plugins

  • Another method is to use the quick-add button, and select the instrument you want from the drop-down menu. In the following image example: drag and drop the Magnus Choir VSTi:

energyXT: Setting up Sytheway VST plugins

Adding VST effects

  • If you want to add a VST insert or send effect, use the + button next to the "Inserts" or "Sends" section and choose the desired VST effect from the dropdown menu. Note that VST instruments can not be used as insert or send effects.


energyXT Setup Audio ASIO4ALL

Universal ASIO Driver For WDM Audio: http://www.asio4all.com

energyXT Setup Audio ASIO4ALL :: To avoid a slight delay you must to configure your Sound-card Audio Device by selecting the "ASIO Driver" to eliminate the latency that produces the delayed response when you press a key down on your MIDI keyboard controller.

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ASIO4 ALL: Combined 32/64 bit version, supports Win 98SE/ME/2k/XP/MCE/2003/XP64 and Vista/Windows 7 x86/x64

If you haven't the ASIO driver installed on your Windows Vista or 7, please download for free from the following web page at: http://www.asio4all.com/

Once downloaded and installed the ASIO4ALL please go to the following steps:

1) Open energyXT and go to :

2) File => Setup:

3)  Audio  => Device:

4) Selecting Audio System = "ASIO"

5) ASIO Driver = "ASIO4ALL"

So by clicking on ASIO configuration button, the ASIO panel will show you and you could to change the buffer size as you desired in order to minimize the delay.

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