PGMusic Band-in-a-Box (BIAB)



PGMusic Band-in-a-Box (BIAB)

Syntheway VST Synthesizer (VST plug-in) Support




VST support added. Now you can use VST software synths and plug-ins, just as you use DirectX. Many software synths are available in VST format, so this expands the number of available synths and plug-ins for Band-in-a-Box.

To select a VST plug-in for the first time, select the "Add VST plug-in..." item at the bottom of the plug-in Menu.

Select a VST plug-in (in example: Master Hammond B3 demo.dll file) in "Select a VST plug-in" dialog box, and it is added to the plug-in list. After you add each VST, the plug-in is permanently added to the list. You only have to add each plug-in one time.

To add VSTi synthesizer plug-ins, please make sure the Master Hammond B3 demo Synth Track tab is selected, and use the plug-in menu on the top synthesizer slot.

VST plug-ins always appear at the bottom of the plug-in list below the DirectX plug-ins. VST plug-ins have the text "<VST>" pretended to the plug-in name, and VSTi synthesizer plug-ins have the text "<VSTi>" Master Hammond B3 demo name.



 Instrument Setup (Click Image to Enlarge)

 Instrument Setup (Click Image to Enlarge) -- Band-in-a-Box_Syntheway_Master_Hammond_B3.jpg




 VST Instrument  " Presets box " (Click Image to Enlarge)



 VST Instrument  “Presets box " (Click Image to Enlarge) --- Changing_Presets_Band-in-a-Box_Syntheway_Master_Hammond_B3.jpg

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