BitBridge (Teleport Server) Cakewalk Sonar: x64 (64-bit) x86 (32-bit).
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BitBridge Server Configuration


Cakewalk’s BitBridge technology allows you to use 32-bit VST effects and instruments when using the x64 version of SONAR. Note that BitBridge server configuration is only available in SONAR Producer.

32-bit VST effects and instruments are loaded into “servers”, and each server can address up to 4GB of RAM. BitBridge supports up to 32 independent plug-in servers, and each server can address up to 4GB of RAM, allowing access to a massive 128GB of RAM (the max supported by Vista Ultimate X64). This allows SONAR x64 to address all available RAM in your computer.

By default, SONAR manages memory automatically, and will allocate and allow access to all available RAM dynamically as plug-ins are used. This is done by dynamically creating new BitBridge servers only when necessary, up to a maximum of the available RAM.


Server loading is either automatic or customizable, giving you full control over which server to load plug-ins into. To enable automatic server loading, select Automatic (Based on available RAM). To manually manage BitBridge servers, select the server that you want plug-ins to be loaded into. After a specific server is selected, all plug-ins subsequently loaded will be loaded into that specific server, bypassing SONAR's automatic memory management. This also applies when you load a project that contains VST plug-ins.
Custom server assignments are saved with the project file.

Tip: To more optimally use your available memory, assign memory hungry VST's to their own private BitBridge server. The actual memory consumed by a server instance is shown in the server list, allowing you choose which server you may want to load into.

Custom server assignments are saved with the project file.

Note: Server management is common for all loaded projects. If you have multiple projects open simultaneously, you can potentially overflow the 4GB capacity of a server if the projects reference the same server. Under this condition, a plug-in may fail to load. If this occurs, close the current project before opening another project.


BitBridge Server Configuration: Cakewalk Sonar Preferences VST Settings

BitBridge: Teleport Server is the name assigned to the BitBridge app

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Note: "Teleport Server" is the name assigned to the BitBridge app. Error message or crash could appears when you run x64 (64-bit) with x86 (32-bit) VST plug-ins. You could to try by managing "Server Configuration" (See the instructions on the Cakewalk Sonar help).


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