Update and Upgrade Policy
Update and Upgrade Policy



Update and Upgrade Policy


As a general policy, Updates between minor Syntheway product versions are free. Upgrades between major Syntheway product versions are paid. 

An update is an interim release that fixes bugs, enhances usability, updates data, or adds a new feature to an existing version. For example, you would update Magnus Choir v1.00 to v1.01. 
They get distributed electronically after their release.  If you have already registered, and you will not get the email with "link to download update" within a reasonable time, send a email to 
[email protected] from the email account that was used with your registration. If your email address changes, please notify us so that we can update our database. 

Upgrades are changes in the major version number of the product (containing major new functionality, improves performance, enhances usability). When we release a major new release, we change the first number in the version number. So you switch to a higher version of a program within the same VSTi/VST product family. For example, you would upgrade Master Hammond B3 v1.00 to v2.00. Any release containing major new functionality, an upgrade fee will probably be chargeable. 

Specially discounted upgrade pricing is available to registered users of the immediately prior version of Syntheway Product. That is, if you are a registered user of v1.0, you are eligible to upgrade to v2.0 at the special discounted upgrade price.

How often are updates and upgrades released?

We create product updates and upgrades when:

  • New features or functionality have been added.

  • Bugs and problems have been corrected.

  • New features have been added or supported.

  • New optimizations have been integrated into the VST architecture.


Release To Web (RTW): Syntheway utilizes the Internet for distribution. No physical media are produced in this type of release mechanism.

A Software Release Life Cycle refers to the phases of development and maturity for a VST plugin software ranging from its initial development, to its release, and updated versions of the released version to help improve software or fix bugs still present in the software. 


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