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 Zoom  JBL  Jomox  Korg
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 TC Electronic  TerraTec  Universal Audio  Yamaha


Where to find out more...

The following companies offer products and information that will be useful to anyone with an interest in Making Music with MIDI:

Yamaha Corp US | Korg USA | Cakewalk | Edirol

BitHeadz | MadWaves | PreSonus | Steinberg | E-Mu Systems

Keyboard Magazine | Electronic Musician


There are lots of things that MIDI makes possible, and many kinds of MIDI products available to help you make music. When you are ready to start making music with MIDI, we recommend you visit a MIDI specialist to determine the right products for you. Here are just some of the products that you may want to consider: Keyboards and Sound Modules Practically every musical keyboard sold today has MIDI connections... everything from the $100 portables to $300,000 digital grand pianos. Wind Controllers, Guitars, and More You don't have to be a keyboard (piano) player to benefit from MIDI. There are specially made MIDI wind controllers, MIDI guitars, and more. Personal Computers Practically every computer made today comes with the ability to play MIDI files, and can connect to other MIDI gear with a simple PC-to-MIDI connector available as an accessory. Professionals and amateurs alike can compose, arrange, and record original music, or use the computer to learn about music or how to play an instrument.



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